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Well, basically nowadays facebook is full of people that you actually know in real life.
So as for me who (sometimes) really wanted to show some dark side, its kinda hard. LOL!
Ya la, sometimes you just wanna randomly express YOUR feeling gittew.
Tapi orang suke lah take it the wrong way.
Well darling, the world really does not revolve around you and only you my dear.
Kekadang siap nak sentap bagai.
Apelah. Chill lah sikit.
Therefore i have twitter account.
Where you can blast out your anger tanpa ada orang try to be good good or sentap or whatever.

So one day, i was listening to the radio where theres kinda a segment where motivator gives out motivating speeches.
It just something like 30 to 40 seconds speech.
But seriously, that morning,  its not a motivating speech that you are hoping for.
So to let out the frustration, i write them to twitter.
Unfortunately (LOL!) i get a reply!
I refreshed the page several times.
But yeah, i got a reply!
And no, i dont follow him nor did i tag him in ze post.
Rajin nya beliau cari nama beliau di twitter ittewwwww.

But SERIOUSLY, banyak lagi benda yang boleh di motivasikan pagi-pagi.
One should be creative.
This aint creative.
This just try to be up to date with current things.
It KINDA downgrading the word MOTIVASI itself.
No i dont hate him.
He's one great fella despite the blablabla things that happened in the past (?)

Oh yeah i love twitter!


Nor Raidah said...

wowww.... seriously??? rajin nya dia.. hahhaaaa... lawak... ;)

Hafidzah Halim said...

tulah... x memasal nye.. mesti dy search nama dy ni.. nama je gune twitter tp noob jugak mende2 camni..hahha,,adoi