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I have this habit.
Watching people eat their food.
Because i cant eat as much as them hence the habit i guess. and yeah the fact that im still fat i know
Of all mukbang i loved to watch these two; Yuka Kinoshita's channel and MommyTang's channel

Yuka eat like hella lot of food. By a lot i mean A LOT!
The vids only take 5 to 6 minutes so its not boring for me.

This is her vid eating Paneer Makhan Curry that will be enough to feed like 20 people

MommyTang is vegan for life i think.
Her vids is longer sometimes reach more than 30 minutes.
But its fun to hear her talking bout stuff.

This is her vid eating dominos hahahahahha

Syioknya hoi tengok ampa makan hahahhaa..
K lapaq tetiba hahaha...

**Dont ask me why suddenly i started to post things, i just feel like it...nampak tak stress nak kawen hahaha...ohh shut up