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"Laugh often and it will cleanse your mind. Laugh often at yourself and it will cleanse your heart."

 Though we often seem to forget natural remedies to life,
one of the best ways to clean our hearts, and purge our thoughts,
is to laugh as often as possible.
A little known fact about a smile is how much harder it is to frown than smile.
When you smile you use less energy and less effort than you do when you frown,
and this is symbolic of what happens in everyday life as well.
 When you go through life, in a celebratory fashion, with passion, motivation, drive, happiness, and a kind attitude, you will find that life is much less stressful than if you chose to go through life in a negative fashion.
Instead of giving your focus to the negative, make a mission to be as positive as possible each day. Make a pledge to laugh often, so that your mind will be as free as it may possibly be.

"A day without laughter is a day wasted." - Charlie Chaplin
 Laughter is one of the best nutrients a person can get in a day.
Not only is laughter therapeutic for the soul, it is also helpful in building rapport with others, strengthening relationships, and it is helpful in bringing down our own personal stress levels.
 When you are able to make other people laugh, it is often noted that you help to bring down walls of defensiveness, by giving them a way to see more of who you really are,
and that you may not be the person they had already predetermined you to be.
 Also, when you attempt to make light of some situations by making it ok to laugh at them,
pain levels that would have otherwise resulted from stressing over the situation in a negative manner are greatly reduced before they are even felt.
 Change your life today and give way to laughter.
Make it a point to laugh as much as possible, and never take yourself so seriously that you forget how too.

Source: YoLo

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