Have a little faith

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"You knew me..you knew that person,but you dont know the person I'm trying to become.."

Hola people!
Im done with mitch's Have A Little Faith.. Yayyy!!

Sad, happy, inspired!
Never thought this book would be so addictive!
I mean, once you start reading, you cant simply stop..
Have to read to the end..
Well im not a fan of you know the real story novel..
Most i found boring..
But mitch's is soooo different.
I can reas for hours...
Omboih exaggerate..wahahaha..
Well anyway, the sentence that i most love is the one that i quote earlier...

Over kan nk review sgt..
Bace buku omputih nk tulis omputih gak..
Pardon my english..
Im not that good..
Still learning..
Have a good day!!

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