#6 Ramadhan

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credit : tumblr.com

"Complete the sentence: I'm easily annoyed when ____________"
One of the status on Facebook i read this morning.
So, i was thinking on the things that i would be easily annoyed when it happened.
The list go on and on from
"...when someone walk while stomping their feet"
"..when someone dont do their dishes"
"..when people keep on provoking me"
up to
"...when people dont use the signal while driving"

credit : tumblr.com

And suddenly i stop.

What if the things i'm annoyed is the things that i've done before?
What if the things i'm annoyed is the thing that i usually do?
What if the things i'm annoyed is the thing that people get annoyed with me?
What if?
What if?
What if?

And the what-if continues...

Sometimes, we keep on putting blame on others.
But forget that the reason behind it come for our own selves.
Give them chances.
Who knows up until now they have been very patient with you attitude.
Why cant you?
The thing you cant see is actually the things that you can feel.
Although it is not 100% accurate i would say but use rationale.

Afterall, its Ramadhan people.
Forgive and forget.
Easy to say, hard to do.
But atleast we can try.

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